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Meet the Owner

I’m Casharee Smith, an Atlanta native who’s always had a passion for fashion. As a child I aspired to be a fashion designer, creating clothes for my barbie dolls with my old socks and sketching clothes as a teenager. Upon graduating from Albany State University and entering the workforce, I soon realized my passion for fashion was still very much alive and decided that it was time to follow that passion and create my dream job. January 2019, KASH Queen was born.
A KASH Queen is a kind, ambitious, stylish, humble woman who is a go-getter. My brand is all about empowering women to manifest their dreams in style. I want every woman to not only look good on the outside but to also feel good on the inside, knowing they are powerful Queens with the ability to create the life of their dreams. Dream it. Plan it. Execute it! Oh, and be best dressed while doing so!
- Casharee Smith, KASH Queen Founder/Creative Director